The Smartest of Firearms


What do you get when you mix an inventor of jet fighter heads up display technology with computer lab engineers with sniper mentality?

The Mensa of firearms was unveiled by TrackingPoint, setting off a firestorm of commentary on the Internet.  Combined with Google Glass, TrackingPoint launched a firearm designed to shoot around corners, taking advantage of direct-to-device streaming.

Reports have been circulating that law enforcement and military personnel were testing this kind of technology, and now it’s confirmed.

Does this take the meaning of “smart guns” into a different dimension?

We’ve been covering the debates between legislators and manufacturers over “smart gun technology,” including our column on “Just How Smart Can We Make a Thing?”  In 2013, the CA Attorney General certified microstamping technology as free from patent claims, it appeared that the clock started running against the industry to include microstamping technology into firearms in order to continue to participate in the CA market.  There’s a similar law in NJ.

“Heads up display” basically allows you to overlay information from two or more sources into one display in front of your eyes.  Aggregate data is put in front of your eyes that you would otherwise have to divert your eyes across one or more data sources to individually collect.  Born in the 1950s, HUD has a similar application in automobiles since 2013 with an aftermarket unit from Pioneer, using a smartphone app and Bluetooth wireless technology.

Looks like Mission Impossible just became Mission Possible.