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Orchid Gun Show POSTM

Ultra-mobile POS application for small gun dealers
Starting at $30 / mo































Say Goodbye to Anti-Gun Square and Vend

Little brother to Orchid POS, this light app is ideal for small dealers that seek to manage and scan barcoded firearm inventory, prices and discounts, customer orders, and employees all from a central location. Looking for more? Be sure to check out Orchid POS.

Process customer sales


Accept credit cards


Manage inventory

Looking for Orchid’s Full Scale POS Instead?

Try Orchid POSTM

Orchid POS™ is our full-scale POS, eCommerce and Range Management Solution.

Starting at $100 mo, Orchid POS™ is the industry’s most robust cloud-based software for single and multi-store Retail and Range FFLs. See why Orchid POS™ is the #1 POS of 2021.

Orchid Gun Show POSTM
An Ultra Mobile / Handheld POS

Run your firearms business with ease using Orchid Gun Show POSTM, a mobile / handheld POS designed for startup and small gun dealers

Firearms Industry Safe

Firearm specific, unlike Square or Vend

Powered by Vital

 #1 Competitor to Clover, Poynt, Vend and Square 

Trusted by Retailers

Over 50,000 units sold in the last two years

Quick Setup

Be operational in minutes

Mobile Checkout

Flexible mobile driven POS app

Inventory Pricing

Easily establish and manage price points and discount programs across products and locations


Inventory Management

Get real-time data to better track inventory, manage expenses and maximize sales

Employee Management

Track time and attendance, understand staffing needs and gain efficiencies.



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