50 Reasons to Use Orchid POS™ in Your Gun Store

Written by Orchid


October 25, 2021


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A point of sale (POS) system is one of the most critical components of any retail business. While there are many ways to take payment, manage inventory and track sales, a modern POS system can do it all, simplifying transactions, increasing operational efficiencies and easing the burden on both the customer and the retailer.

However, for today’s firearm retailers, a POS is just one piece of the technology puzzle. The other, of course, is a bound book, necessary for acquiring and disposing of firearms as they’re transferred and sold. Typically, POS systems and electronic bound books are offered from separate vendors and require on-premises hardware with a physical network connection – but not Orchid POS™.

To better explain how our POS is different, including its wide-ranging features, functionality and benefits, below are 50 reasons why your gun store should be using Orchid POS™.

Cloud Connectivity

  1. Unlike traditional POS systems, Orchid POS™ is completely cloud-based.
  2. Process transactions, access inventory and review reports anywhere with a WiFi connection, including in your retail store, at a gun show or from the comfort of home.
  3. Cloud-based POS systems require less hardware and network infrastructure, meaning setting up your new system is quick and easy.
  4. Some hardware is still required, but Orchid offers inexpensive all-in-one and component options, including stationary and mobile devices.
  5. All data is stored digitally, making it accessible anywhere and anytime, as well as being less susceptible to loss than physical hard drives.
  6. Little to no maintenance is required, and system updates are automatic so you’re always running the latest version.

System Affordability

  1. Whether you need one POS terminal or 10, only pay for the hardware you need.
  2. And scale the system as your FFL grows, including to multiple store or range locations.
  3. Orchid Pay™ provides firearm-friendly merchant processing with some of the lowest rates available, backed by a price lock guarantee.
  4. Plus, Orchid eBound™ is discounted at a flat rate for all Orchid POS™ customers, regardless of total annual dispositions.

Best-In-Class Service

  1. Having served the firearms industry for over 10 years, Orchid has extensive experience in retail and manufacturing FFL technology and operations.
  2. Our team will help develop a project plan for your FFL, schedule software implementation and provide training for you and your employees.
  3. Have questions? Orchid offers on-call software support and troubleshooting ready to help.
  4. Customers also have access to Orchid’s Online Technical Support Center resources, including helpful FAQs, user guides and videos.
  5. And Orchid’s partner firm, FFL Law, provides ATF compliance services from in-house attorneys.

User-Friendly Functionality

  1. Orchid POS™ is easy to learn and teach others – no computer science degree required.
  2. Replace your keyboard and mouse with modern touchscreen hardware, complete with customizable hot keys for popular quick pick products.
  3. Admins can manage employees and assign roles to control access and permissions.
  4. Create customer profiles to track transaction history, view class/range registrations and build email lists for marketing efforts.
  5. In addition to cash, accept swipe, dip, tap and contactless credit card payments with Orchid Pay™.
  6. Pull customizable end of day reports to stay on top of sales and inventory levels.

Native Integrations

  1. More than just a bound book, Orchid POS™ is an all-in-one retail software solution from the firearm industry’s only true one-stop shop firm.
  2. Say goodbye to anti-gun payment processors with firearms-friendly Orchid Pay™.
  3. Manage firearm inventory with Orchid eBound™, featuring an electronic ATF Form 4473 (e4473), customer kiosk mode and digital signature.
  4. Digitally store critical documents, including FFL licenses and ATF variances, with Orchid eStorage™ and completed 4473s with 4473 Cloud.
  5. Take your brick-and-mortar retail business online with a custom or turnkey Orchid eCommerce™ website and webstore.
  6. Plus, target customers with CRM email marketing, manage your books with QuickBooks, and more with other integrations.

Inventory Management

  1. Easily barcode and scan firearms and products across your store to make quick work of merchandising.
  2. Track product UPCs and set replenishment levels to automate ordering and avoid stockouts.
  3. Save time and acquire new firearm shipments with bulk serial number uploading.
  4. Expand in-store inventory with live product catalogs from industry distributors, including Davidson’s, RSR Group and Sports South.
  5. Connect on-hand inventory to your Orchid eCommerce™ webstore to track and sell products online.


  1. Save your gunsmith’s time by creating gunsmith services to quickly build out customer work orders.
  2. Enter firearm information and automatically generate Orchid eBound™ records.
  3. Add parts, materials and additional services to work orders as needed.
  4. Maintain and connect firearm service records to customer profiles.
  5. Track open work orders and notify customers of completed jobs.

Loyalty Programs

  1. Give customers a reason to shop and shoot more with a membership program.
  2. Set product discounts by membership level to reward customer loyalty and encourage sales.
  3. Generate recurring revenue and track monthly member activity.
  4. Grow CRM and use marketing emails to engage members and re-target customers.
  5. And offer gift cards for products and services, perfect for holidays and promotions.

Ecommerce Expansion

  1. Better serve local and national consumers with an Orchid eCommerce™ website and webstore.
  2. Build and design your own custom website to market your firearms retail business.
  3. Advertise and sell on-hand products, firearms training and range reservations.
  4. Or offer firearms, ammunition and shooting accessories not sold in store with AmmoReady live distributor catalogs.

Renowned Provider

  1. Orchid was named a Top POS Solution Provider of 2021 by Retail CIO Outlook for our ability to offer cutting-edge solutions and serve the firearms industry
  2. Orchid POS™ is used by small and large firearms retailers nationwide, including FFLs who process millions of dollars in annual sales.
  3. Partnered with NASGW, Orchid POS™ users contribute sales data to NASGW SCOPE™ to better understand product performance and trends.
  4. Lastly, Orchid software solutions and compliance services are used by major firearm manufacturers, distributors, dealers and related businesses.

Bonus – At Orchid, it’s our mission to help the shooting sports industry profitably manufacture, distribute and sell firearms with great efficiency and the utmost compliance. Armed with Orchid POS™, we believe firearms retailers – like you – can grow, reduce risk and succeed in business.

Contact us to learn how Orchid POS™ can help your gun store and schedule a free demo today.

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