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ATF Form 4473 – Firearm Transaction Record is promulgated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives so that person licensed under 18 U.S.C. 923 may determine if he/she may lawfully sell or deliver a firearm to the person identified in Section A, and to alert the transferee/buyer of certain restrictions on the receipt and possession of firearms.

On November 1, 2020, the new ATF Form 4473 became mandatory.

How Will the New ATF Form 4473 Impact My FFL?

Updates to Cloud 4473 (e4473) Software
Updates to Gun Store Retail Point of Sales (POS)
Re-Training for Gun Store Employees
Revised ATF & Mock Inspection Programs
Understanding the Impact to NICS / eNICS
Updated Internal / External 4473 Audit Templates

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ATF Form 4473 Update Tracker

ATF Form 4473 News Timeline

  • 11-1-20: Usage of the Revised ATF Form 4473 Is Mandatory  
  • 7-1-20: ATF Begins Shipping the Paper Version of the Revised 2020 ATF Form 4473
  • 12-26-19: ATF Issues Notice in Federal Register for Public Comment
  • 12-27-19: ATF Posts Proposed ATF Form 4473
  • 12-27-19: ATF Posts Proposed ATF Form 4473 (Spanish Version)
  • 1-15-20: Orchid 2020 ATF F 4473 Training Webinar Scheduled (Register)
  • …Check back for updates

Summary of ATF’s 12-26-19 Proposed Changes to Form 4473

  • In general, the Draft Form 4473 no longer has references to “See Instruction for…” to highlight on the Form that there is an instruction for the specific box.
  • Section A is now the Section identifying the firearm (old Section C). It only contains information on the firearm and the firearm transaction, and does not include the “For Use By Licensee” box, nor the box into which FFLs enter their Name, Address, and FFL number. Additionally, where the old Form had 4 line items to enter firearms, the new Form only has 3. There has been a Firearms Transaction Record Continuation Sheet issued as well – which may be viewed here – where quantities of firearms in excess of 3 will be identified.
  • Section B is now the Section in which the Transferee enters their personal information (i.e., formerly Section A). This includes the addition of a new “Gender Type” (Non-binary)”
  • Section C is now the Section wherein the Transferor records Transferee identification information and NICS / Background check information.
  • Section D is now the Section wherein the Transferee would sign to recertify that their answers are still true and correct when the transfer of the firearm(s) occur on a different day than the date on which they originally completed and signed the form.
  • Section E is new, and is now the Section in which the FFL has the “For Use by Licensee” box, the Name/Address/FFL Number box, and the certification / signature.
  • (Read full summary)

Orchid Advisors 2020 ATF F 4473 Webinar Series

Webinar Dates and Overview

1-15-20: Proposed Changes to ATF F 4473 

In this first webinar our legal and compliance experts will discuss the contents of ATF’s proposed changed to Form 4473 as provided in the December 26, 2019 post for public comment. Gun Store owners and other interested parties will also learn about the DOJ’s process related to Proposed Rule making and posts appearing in the Federal Register.

Download Webinar Material

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