Thank you for Attending the 2014 Firearms Industry Compliance Conference

Thank you.
On behalf of your entire Orchid team, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for attending. We would also like to thank ATF  CBPNSSF and over 30 other speakers who delivered content on ITAR, ATF, Import / Export, and Anti-Corruption regulations and related business processes and systems.
Our conference theme was “You know the regulations, now what?” And, our goal was to provide attendees with practical tools and lessons learned from their industry peers. Based on the feedback received thus far, we believe that goal was achieved.  We are happy to report that over 40% of our first year attendees registered for the 2015 FICC before the 2014 event came to a close! In addition, we have received commitment from our 2014 Platinum sponsor that they will be assuming the same role at the 2015 conference!
Please note the following information for your use:

  • Electronic copies of the presentation are available upon request. Please use the form available on our conference Contact Us page to request them.
  • A summary of the ATF’s presentation topics as well as a photo gallery of the event can be found on the 2014 Highlights page. ATF presentations will be posted this coming week.
  • Registration for the 2015 Firearms Industry Compliance Conference is now open and can be accessed on the 2015 FICC registration page. As noted, preliminary feedback on the 2014 FICC was very positive. Some of you have requested an even deeper dive in 2015 and want our speakers address the… “How do I…..” question. To that end, 2015 FICC sessions will be structured with a very hands-on approach and cover the following topics, amongst others. Please submit any specific requests through our Contact Us page.
    • ITAR – What is it and how do I implement?
    • ITAR – Where do I go for information?
    • How do I fill out ATF required forms?
    • Import / Export – So many sources, where do I start?
    • How do I transition from paper bound books to electronic? Please help!
    • Can you name one tool to implement each of the 7 Areas of Effective Compliance and Ethics?
    • How do I optimize my NFA and Class III business for compliance and success?
    • I have an inspection next month, how do I prepare?
    • What can I sell… where?  Can you help me understand the latest in State Laws?
    • What are the best scanners for capturing 1D / 2D barcodes?
    • How do I implement a Quarterly Serial Number Inventory Program?
    • DDTC: Who needs to Register?
    • and many more. The 2015 agenda will be posted in a few weeks.

Thank you and have a great weekend.
-The Orchid Team
Jon Rydberg Chief Executive Officer