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State Firearms Portal

In Conjunction with the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW)

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Firearm manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and pawns are required to follow both federal laws and state laws. But locating and tracking the laws across all 50 states is a very taxing process. Orchid Advisors and NASGW have developed the State Firearms Portal to consolidate pertinent state regulations and to provide you with updates as the rules change. We do the work for you!

Get immediate results to questions like, “What laws affect selling a large capacity magazine in Colorado?” or, “What laws affect selling pistols in Connecticut?”

State Firearm Portal

Inside the State Firearms Portal

  • Over 1,500 laws affecting the sale, manufacture, purchase, and possession of firearms, firearms components, explosives, ammunition, and more
  • Easy access to the location of each law within each state’s statutes
  • Search function by activity, firearm type, feature, or keyword

Subscription-Based Pricing

Pricing for the State Firearms Portal varies by the size of your firearms business and the approximate transaction volume per year. Don’t worry, we’ve made it quite affordable. And, if you are a wholesaler belonging to NASGW, your access is free of charge.

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All other firearm manufacturer, wholesalers, retailers and pawn can subscribe by contacting our team today.

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