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FFL Compliance Training and Business Training (Online or In-Person)

Most ATF violations can be avoided with strong education. Orchid Advisors is the only firm that provides your team with online and in-person education related to Federal and State Firearm Regulation, Import / Export laws, Business Management, and ERP / POS functionality.

firearms-compliance-universityFirearms Compliance University (Online)

Orchid Advisors has built the only extensive online learning management system specifically designed to inform, educate and train firearm industry professionals from the Type 01 Dealer Clerk to the large manufacturing Chief Compliance Officer. The University is packed with over 80 compliance courses and 800 business courses.

  • Stay current on Federal, State, Import / Export firearm regulations
  • How do I properly find and use ATF Variances and Rulings?
  • Learn the key difference between GCA (Title I) and NFA (Title II) firearm types
  • Learn how to properly complete ATF Form 4473, NICS background checks, operate a dealer Point of Sale
  • Design your electronic Book of Acquisition and Disposition or buy a complete package
  • Learn how to prepare for an pass an ATF Inspection
  • What are the most important facts about importing and exporting firearms and completing ATF Form 6 / 6A
  • How do I manage a Profit & Loss, manage inventory or train my firearm workforce?
  • And much, much more.

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On-board, Refresher or Inspection Prep (In-person)

You know the risks involved if employees act out of accordance with standard compliance practices. Orchid Advisors assists some of the largest firearm manufacturers, distributors and big box retailers by evolving your employee compliance literacy levels and moving your operations to a “culture-of-compliance.” We help train your staff from the front desk to the factory floor on compliance best practices.

Firearms ERP / POS and compliance integration training (In-person)

Every business runs on some form of technology. But how many of your employees know how to use it? Orchid’s expert training teach your FFL to get the most out of its Manufacturer or Wholesale/Distributor ERP or your Retail Point of Sale (POS).

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