Travis Glover
Executive Director, Firearm Retail, Pawn and Distribution Compliance Practice


Travis brings more than 22 years’ experience as a Firearms Industry Leader to Orchid Advisors, having held sales and management position at major U.S. firearms industry wholesalers and retailers, including AcuSport, Cabela’s and Lipsey’s, among others and sits on the Board of Directors for the American Suppressor Association. He has an extensive background of developing, implementing and sustaining industry leading, best in class, compliance programs focused on establishing upstream standard operating procedures that drive employee effectiveness through streamlined efficient practices producing critically important downstream compliance with positive bottom line impact to the business’s financial health.


  • Federal and State Firearms Regulations and Compliance
  • Distribution and Retail Management
  • Multi-Unit Retail Management
  • Operations Management
  • Firearms Import Regulations and Compliance

Firearms Regulatory Expertise:

  • Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA)
  • Brandy Act of 1993
  • National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA)
  • State Firearms Regulations
  • Arms Export Control Act of 1976

Previous Employment:

  • Board of Directors, American Suppressor Association, Current
  • Firearms Compliance and Risk Management Officer, Lipsey’s LLC.
  • Corporate Firearms Compliance and Operations Manager, Cabela’s
  • Firearms Department Sales Manager, Cabela’s

Notable Accomplishments and Roles:

  • Established NFA compliance and operations for leading NFA Wholesaler resulting in report of zero violations from ATF inspection while driving year over year positive comp sales in excess of +40%
  • Developed, implemented and sustained industry leading firearms compliance and operational program for Cabela’s focusing on over 40 retail locations, 2 distribution centers, import/export division and international expansion to Canada.
  • Lead development and implementation of in-house Electronic 4473 with connectivity to Electronic Bound Book and Point of Sale System
  • Established electronic gun auditing system accounting for tens of thousands of firearms on a monthly basis nationally
  • Contributing partner on establishing and implementing firearm inspections resulting in the detection of dozens of otherwise unknown loaded weapons entering Cabela’s retail stores on a yearly basis
  • Presentation in partnership NSSF at SHOT Show 2016 on NFA Compliance and Market Capitalization
  • Written and submitted numerous Variance Request approvals by ATF
  • Application for and importation of 1000s of firearms into the U.S.