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FFL Education – Compliance
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No-Cost Benefit Summary
As a Retail Member, you are provided complementary tools to educate your employees and comply with Federal and State regulations. Retail Members who elect to enroll will be provided access to the following online applications:

ATF eDocuments Portal


Get My FFL Guidebook

Get Your FFL

Firearm Compliance University Access
to the Following Courses:

Course 101 – Regulated Industry Orientation
Course 119 – Step by Step Videos: How to Complete ATF Form 4473

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Recurring ATF FFL Compliance Vlogs


Enrollment Process – Contact Us Today

If you have any questions regarding this process or if you wish to expand your offering with more FFLs, additional users or for any other matter please contact Orchid Advisors directly.

Program Terms
By completing this enrollment form, eligible Retail Members agree to have read and comply with the terms of use for each application. [Terms]

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