Munitions Law Group to Provide Legal Publications to FFLBizHub

Munitions Law Group

(Hartford, CT, October 16, 2017Munitions Law Group, Cheshire DeBrosse, P.C. a leading firearm industry full-service law firm, with offices in Atlanta, GA and Columbus, OH, will provide regular publications on FFLBizHub related to general legal issues affecting firearms businesses.

“The addition of these regular publications to FFLBizHub adds a layer of significant value to those seeking an FFL or managing the growth of an existing business,” says Alexis Tunell, Executive Director of FFLBizHub. “As a former participant in the Orchid / NSSF Firearms Industry Compliance Conference, we’ve held Clay Cheshire, co-founder of Munitions Law Group, in very high regard.  We anticipate that these publications will be valuable to our members.”

Munitions Law Group will provide information on a variety of general legal issues pertinent to Members, such as:

  • Entity Formation and Governance
  • ATF Licensing
  • Ongoing Compliance Obligations
  • Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax (“FAET”) and Tax and Trade Bureau (“TTB”) audits
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Sales
  • Dissolution/Wind-Up

About FFLBizHub is a trusted platform that facilitates entry, licensing and growth in the firearms industry. Its members gain access to low cost, high value tools for running their business operations while navigating Federal ATF and State firearms compliance. was developed in conjunction with the four leading industry associations and participating software and service providers. For more information visit FFLBizHub

About The Munitions Law Group, Cheshire DeBrosse, P.C.

Munitions Law Group (“MLG”) is a hybrid boutique/full-service law firm that handles – exclusively – firearms, explosives, and other defense articles and sporting goods issues for companies and individuals in the United States and internationally. MLG serves as premier outside legal point of contact for members of the Firearms Industry. MLG’s mission is to provide top-notch, but cost-effective, legal services to its clients. The firm has attorneys in multiple states, with its primary offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Columbus, Ohio. MLG attorneys have represented clients in 38 states and 14 foreign countries.

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