Jeff Grody Leads Orchid Advisors Strategic Consulting Services Practice

Hartford, CT (July 8, 2014) – Jeff Grody, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for Colt Defense and Colt’s Manufacturing Company, joins Orchid Advisors to accelerate its Strategic Business Consulting Practice. Grody has over 30 years of experience as a former Public Company Senior Officer and Law Firm Partner, and graduated with distinction from Princeton University and the Columbia University School of Law. 

Orchid Advisors is bullish on our long-term strategy to develop the critical relationship between corporate strategy, business operations and regulatory compliance,” says Jon Rydberg, the firm’s CEO.  “We are near-term focused on the firearms industry, where horizontal and vertical integration, plant restructurings, supply chain optimization and international growth give rise to business risk. Jeff brings our clients an unmatched skill set that is rarely found elsewhere in the U.S. or abroad. That is, an independent expert who brings a balanced perspective on legal risk and high-level business strategy coupled with significant experience in the firearms industry.”

Grody will lead Orchid Advisors’ Strategic Lifecycle Advisory Services practice. 

The practice will help entrepreneurs and established businesses convert success into lasting value by implementing critical business practices appropriate for each stage of growth:

  • Early-stage: Equipping your business for growth and value creation.
  • Mid-stage: Using your established business infrastructure as a platform for the second stage of growth.
  • Exit-stage: Setting the table to maximize value when it’s time to cash out.

A special emphasis will be advising mid-stage companies that are preparing to expand outside their comfort zone, whether by the commencement of an export business, beginning to import specialized product from overseas, entering into larger or riskier contracts, collaborating with other companies for the first time in a joint venture or teaming relationship, making a major investment in a research and development activity or otherwise moving the business to another level.  Orchid Advisors Strategic Lifecycle Advisory Services will equip clients with the advice, tools and systems to undertake new challenges prudently and with as little risk as the circumstances permit.

Rydberg explains the planned expansion of Orchid Advisors as follows: “The nature of the services Jeff will offer is a fantastic complement to our existing suite of products and services. While our competition remains focused on after-the-fact detective work and check-list audits we continue to broaden the services that serve the strategic needs of Private Equity owners, the CEO, CFO, Board Members and General Counsel. These are the services that make a material difference in business valuation and risk reduction efforts and include:

  • Corporate Transaction Support, Due Diligence, Intellectual Property Protection; Entry to New (international) Markets;
  • Supply Chain and Cost Optimization; Production Control, Inventory Management and Process Re-engineering;
  • SAP, ORACLE and EPICOR ERP System Implementations and Legacy Optimization;

Our Strategic Lifecycle Advisory Services is a natural complement to the regulatory compliance work that we are delivering today. Our clients are engaged in projects related to ATF Compliance, ITAR, Anti-Corruption, Import / Export and many others. Too often an organization’s strategic, operations and compliance projects become three overlapping silos than can and should be run with a common corporate objective.”

“Jeff Grody’s hands-on experience at one of the leading companies in the industry significantly broadens and deepens our capabilities. Equally exciting are his 25 years of previous legal experience with major law firms, where he worked with manufacturing, service and other companies in a wide variety of industries, which helps position Orchid Advisors for its planned growth beyond the firearms industry.”

Grody says of his decision to join Orchid Advisors, “I am thrilled to be joining Jon’s team.  Orchid Advisors is the perfect platform from which to offer strategic business consulting services in the area in which I have achieved success, which is creating an internal business environment that causes legal, regulatory and business relationship problems not to happen, thereby facilitating corporate growth and value creation.  Orchid Advisors’ analytical and systemic approach to addressing compliance issues is exactly the right way to deliver my services, too.  In the same way that compliance “happens” when companies build compliance into their everyday practices, legal problems, bad deals, disputes and lost intellectual property don’t happen when businesses incorporate sensible contracting, intellectual property protection and relationship-management practices into the way they do business. Orchid Advisors’ ethical rigor and emphasis on quality are also compatible with the way I have always worked.”

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