Reconcile Firearm Inventory to A&D

SNITThe First and Only Commercially Available Firearms Inventory Management Software Dedicated to Serial Number Inventories

Barcoding – Handling Units – Scanning – ATF Inspections

SNIT is your inventory companion (designed for any size FFL) to find and resolve potential violations before inspections to reduce your compliance risk. Revised and redesigned for mobile use, SNIT brings the speed and efficiency you’re looking for in inventory processing—by helping you find off-books or off-location firearms. For larger inventories, SNIT helps you manage multiple teams so you can process thousands of serial numbers at the same time and helps speed reconciliation efforts.

Orchid Advisors SNIT

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Locate, reconcile, and simplify your serialized inventory!

  • Perform bi-directional serial number inventories with ease
  • Segregate inventories by location
  • Directly compare what’s in your A&D Books with what’s in your facility
  • Summary and detailed reports generated

Reduce your firearm compliance risk!

  • Find off-book firearms and missing serial numbers before your inspectors do
  • Free up hours of valuable staff time from rote inspection tasks – and minimize downtime
  • Significantly increase the integrity of your serialized inventory reconciliations
  • Increase firearms compliance

Designed for large and small FFLs

  • Quick to learn, easy to use, quick to run. Handles small to large inventories, even large million record A&D Book files
  • Scan or hand key data; supports major scanner vendors
  • Have more than one FFL, no problem – you can create inventory profiles for each FFL
  • Large retail operations? No issue – you license SNIT for each of your stores at a discount

Engage your Federal Firearms License today!

  • Affordable pricing for the entire industry. SNIT pays for itself by helping to quickly resolve errors that would otherwise take many hours for your staff to reconcile
  • SNIT is unique, and it would cost considerably more to attempt to develop in-house (and it still would not be as sophisticated)
  • Our implementation guide helps prepare for your bidirectional inventory with SNIT as your aide


Maintain best practices in firearm serialization.

The core of a manufactured firearm is the frame or receiver; according to the regulations, it must be marked with a serial number. Learn more by downloading the below ebook.

In this ebook you will learn best practices on:

  • Serial Number Reservation
  • Serial Number Application
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Serial Number Recording
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