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Retail – Range – eCommerce
Distribution – Manufacturing

Compliance, Technology, and Operations
For the Shooting Sports Industry

May 6 – 8, 2019

PGA National Resort- Palm Beach Gardens, FL

2019 Keynote Speakers

Tripper Dickson, CEO, Sports South

Mr. Dickson’s presentation will focus on the advantages of modern shooting sports inventory management and automated replenishment techniques that are only made capable through a strong distributor–retailer relationship. Benefits include:

  • Driving better inventory availability for consumers
  • Enabling the omni-channel consumer experience through online sales
  • Increasing retail and distribution efficiencies
  • Electronic identification of firearm restrictions prior to shipment

Regina Lombardo, Acting Deputy Director, ATF

Regina Lombardo, Acting Deputy Director of the ATF will provide attendees with an executive-level perspective on ATF’s role in regulating the firearm industry. Ms. Lombardo will discuss the state of operations at ATF. Ms. Lombardo will be accompanied by Marvin Richardson, Curtis Gilbert, Andy Graham, Earl Griffith, Alphonso Hughes and Krissy Carlson who will educate listeners on how agency matters impact regulations and rulings, FFL inspections, and law enforcement.

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Notable Industry Speakers

  • Tripper Dickson, CEO, Sports South
  • John Phillips, CEO, Poway
  • Dick Abramson, CEO, Centennial Gun
  • Gary Ramey, CEO, Honor Defense
  • Brandon Thompson and Erik Bilicki,
  • Jason and Carolyn Lane, IRUNGUNS
  • Sky Mayhew, Rangeworks
  • Dan Compeau, USC / Ellett
  • Carlie Winegar, Glock
  • Tim Coker and Chad Seaverns, Gearfire
  • Doug VanderWoude, Point of Impact
  • Matt Steckelberg and Andy Scott, RTG
  • Phil Milks and Travis Glover, Orchid Advisors

Legal and Agency Speakers

  • ATF, Acting Deputy Director
  • ATF, FEI Division
  • ATF, NFA Division (NFAD)
  • ATF, FES Division (FESD)
  • ATF, FAT Division (FATD)
  • ATF, Industry Operations
  • Jill Montgomery, FBI NICS
  • Nick Casey, FBI NICS
  • Bureau of Industry and Security
  • Camden Webb, Williams Mullen
  • Clay Cheshire, Munitions Law Group
  • Derek DeBrosse, Munitions Law Group
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PGA National Resort, Florida

Diverse Content For All FFLs

  • Retail, Range and eCommerce – Migrating Point of Sales (POS), e4473, eCommerce, Selling Firearms in California, NICS Integration, Range Compliance and More
  • Global Manufacturing and Sales – Suppressors, NFA Regs, eForms, Firearm Subcontracting, eBound Book / ERP Systems, FAET and More.
  • Core Compliance Functions – FFL / SOT Licensing, Responsible Persons, Legal Protection, ATF Inspections, Firearm Construction and More.

Dive into the firearm regulations and technology that affects modern FFL operations.

Firearm Transfers • State Firearm Regulations • eBound Book Technology • NFA • Inspections • FFL / SOT Licensing • eCommerce • Range Management and Compliance

PGA National Resort, Florida

Unique Round Table Sessions with ATF, FBI NICS and BIS.

Or, Private One-on-One Meetings with ATF. Contact Krissy Carlson, ATF to Schedule