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The Chosen eBound Book and ATF eForms Solution
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Trusted By the Industry

Create by FFL attorneys, compliance and technologists

For Every FFL

Hired by startup-to-mega FFL / SOT across the United States

65,000,000 Transactions

We've processed and inspected the most ATF regulated transactions

ATF Software Council

Chosen to be on the ATF's National Firearm Software Council

Developed In Conjunction with the Four Leading Firearm Associations

FFL Software Awarded on a Global Scale

Cloud-Based, ATF-Compliant Solution Recognized for Easy-to-Use Functionality
Rated Top 25 Global Software Solution for Managing FFL Compliance

Chosen to Design eA&D / e4473 By Epicor

Software and Services Loved By FFL Clients

As Seen on Outdoor Channel TV

Chosen By NSSF For FFL / SOT Programs

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 Electronic Bound Book, e4473, NFA eForms and ATF Correspondence Tools
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Learn More About Our ATF Compliance Tools & Training Software

100+ Online Compliance Videos, State Firearm Laws Software, Inventory Management and Barcode Software
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Learn More About Our National Firearm Pricing Software

National and Regional Firearm Pricing Trends – New or Used Guns From Across  the Industry
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