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Optional Service Upgrades
Purchased in the FFLBizHub Checkout Wizard, These Options Provide
An Increased Level of Support During Your electronic Bound Book and eForms Deployment
(Prices Shown for FFLs who Sell 1,000 Firearms Per Year or Less – Contact Us If You Exceed This Volume)

Customized, Remote Training

Every FFL / SOT operates a little differently. At your request, we will create a custom, 2-hour training presentation and deliver it remotely. The agenda will include ATF, NFA and relevant Import / Export regulations, an ATF Inspection Overview, and customized eBound Book / eForms training that is specific to the information we obtain about your business.

Cost: $150 (Webex Delivery)

Historical Bound Book Audit

Want to assure your eBound Book entries are accurate and complete when launching your new, eBound Book? With our industry-only firearms database, we can review your historical data, and provide a cleansed, parsed, ready to upload file, giving you the confidence that comes from knowing your eBound Book data is totally accurate and compliant.

Cost: $250 (Off-site Delivery)

FFL / SOT Assistance + Bound Book Audit

Are you considering a new FFL application, changes to your existing FFL, or simply ready to close-out an old FFL? Our team of experts will audit your ATF records, and facilitate applications, amendments, or closure processes required by regulators. Our goal is to facilitate your implementation of a solid, low risk FFL / SOT foundation.

Cost: $550 (Off-site Delivery)

On-Site Training and SOP Deployment

Software provides much more than electronic transaction processing - it changes how you run your business. Deploying new FFL software with on-site training and the implementation of custom ``Standard Operating Procedures`` (SOPs) is a great way to enhance your FFL and increase the likelihood of passing your next ATF inspection.

Cost: $850 (On-site + Travel Expense)

On-site Mock ATF Inspection

Want to know how your FFL will stack up for ATF? With an on-site, mock ATF inspection we’ll conduct a deep-dive review of regulated data and forms, and provide a report of findings. And, unlike other service providers, we’ll provide you with a roadmap for recommend changes so can immediately began to improve your compliance systems.

Cost: $1,250 (On-site + Travel Expense)

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 Electronic Bound Book, e4473, NFA eForms and ATF Correspondence Tools
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