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Software Ticket System and Frequently Asked Questions
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No! You don’t need to install anything. Our software is based in the cloud (that simply means on the web). It is ATF Ruling 2016-1 compliant and can be accessed from almost any device.


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 11 or later (32-bit version only).
  • Google Chrome – This browser automatically keeps itself updated.
  • Mozilla Firefox – This browser automatically keeps itself updated.
    Note: We block anything older than 2 releases past.


  • Safari for Mac version 6.1 or later.
  • Google Chrome – This browser automatically keeps itself updated.
  • Mozilla Firefox – This browser automatically keeps itself updated.
    Note: To preview and print forms, you also need the Firefox PDF Plugin.

Minimum System Requirements

  • A computer with a supported web browser installed (see below). We recommend:
    • PC: Intel Core i3 or a comparable processor with 2GB of RAM (4GB+ recommended) running Windows 7 or later.
    • Mac: Running OS X 10.11 or later.
    • We do not support the Linux operating system, including Ubuntu or Fedora.
  • A Internet connection 1.5Mbps or higher. 3Mbps+ connection recommended
  • 1366 x 768 minimum screen resolution.
  • For Windows users: Adobe Reader 11.0 or higher is required for printing forms (this is a free download
  • For printing forms, a laser or inkjet printer is required.

Recommended System Requirements

  • A computer with the latest version of modern web browser installed (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE Edge). We recommend:
    • PC: Intel Core i5 or comparable processor with 4GB of RAM running Windows 7 or later.
    • Mac: Running OS X 10.13 or later.
    • We do not support the Linux operating system, including Ubuntu or Fedora.
  • A Internet connection (3Mbps or higher).
  • 1440 x 900 screen resolution or higher.
  • For Windows users: Adobe Reader 11.0 or higher is required for printing forms (this is a free download
  • For printing forms, a laser or inkjet printer is required.

The wonderful thing about a web-based / cloud system is that you don’t have to install anything. And, if the regulations change, we can make those updates centrally for no additional fee. You’ll be notified in advance of any material changes and we’ll hold a webinar on the impact to you!

Yes!  Our software is fully compliant with ATF regulations – specifically Ruling 2016-1 – which specifies the requirements for using an electronic bound book.  Additionally, we are compliant with the latest Rulings 2016-2 and 2016-3.

Yes, we will help you convert your files! Depending on the size of your FFL, some conversions may require a little extra time, but the process is generally easy and quite painless. Provided that you can output your old A&D book from an existing system into an approved format, we can take care of the upload.

Our first releases of an electronic Bound Book and eForms application were built directly into retail POS and manufacturing ERP. In short – this is our expertise!  If you want to integrate our electronic Bound Book with your POS / ERP, we can do that with an API.

Your regulated data is stored in an ITAR-rated AWS cloud. These are the same servers used by major organizations and government bodies who need to protect sensitive information. Additionally, we back up data throughout the day.

eBound Book Troubleshooting
Learn More About eBound Book

eBound Book

After creating a new eBound Book in the Manage FFLs area, Users MUST update his/her permissions to indicate User “May Access” the new eBound Book as well as any associated transactions/pages in the Manage Users area of the system.

Typically this issue occurs when there are more than 50 characters (including spaces), in any of the following fields associated with the transaction:
• Name
• FFL #
• Address
• City
• State
• Zip
• Country
• Item No/SKU
• Manufacturer
• Importer
• Country of Mfg
• Model
• Caliber/Gauge
To correct, reduce the number of characters in all fields to 50 or less and save your entry.

This error usually occurs when the serial number attempting to be assembled/disassembled appears more than once in open disposition status. Search/Query the eBound Book for the serial number(s) attempting to be assembled, noting any duplicates. Conduct the necessary transaction to dispose of the duplicate, open disposition.

This issue occurs when the User logged into the eBound Book has been not been granted permission to access to this particular Transaction/Area in this eBound Book.  A Company Admin, User Admin, or the associated Manager may update User’s access from the Manage Users area.  Please refer to User Types & Access and Editing FFLBizHub User Accounts.

This error typically occurs when there is data entered in the “start number” area that is NOT an integer. Please validate only numbers have been entered in the “start number” field.  Any part of the SN that is not numeric should be in the prefix or suffix.

In order conduct any type of transaction within the Orchid Advisors eBound Book, a default FFL must be selected for the User. Please refer to User Types & Access and Editing FFLBizHub User Accountsin the User Manual.

If Serial Numbers in the eBound Book contain leading zeroes (e.g., 001, 00900ADE, etc.), simply double clicking the file to open in most spreadsheet programs will drop those leading zeroes.  This is a function of data in the spreadsheet program, not Orchid eBound Book.  Please refer to Avoid Losing Leading 0’s in the User Manual.

This issue not caused by the eBound Book site, but rather some type of setting/software/etc. on the device(s) utilized to access the site or with user permissions for that device.  We recommend a review of firewall settings and settings for any sort of security, malware, anti-tracking or antivirus software enabled on the device(s) you are utilizing to access the site. Many of these software systems have URL blocking features and/or features blocking access to sites with file downloads, which could be causing the inability to access you are experiencing.

Users must utilize the exact template available for download on the Upload Transaction page for the specific type of transaction User is attempting to upload. NO CHANGES may be made to the column names or order. Please refer to Upload Transactions.

Please click the search icon (a magnifying class) to process the Item No/SKU entered.

Item No/SKU is required for every acquisition type transaction. The field may not be blank but data populated does not need to reference an Item No/SKU in Part Master.

Completed e4473s are displayed for only for the eBound Book in which you are currently transacting. To update the eBound Book. Please refer to Set eBound Book.

ATF Compliance Meets ATF Software Support

The eBound Book, ATF eForms, Serial Number Inventory Tool (SNIT) and other software are the only ATF applications available to industry that were built and are managed by an ATF compliance consulting firm. So, how does the benefit and FFL / SOT holder?

Our extensive experience in firearms compliance means that we offer far more than a “software installation” – we offer a “regulated migration experience.” It’s not uncommon for an FFL / SOT to upgrade their bound book only to be less compliant than before. We are passionate about solving that problem. We want all of our customers be knowledgeable and comfortable with their ATF compliance before, during, and after any system implementation.

In conjunction with your sign up for eBound Book with Integrated e4473 & Multiple Sales Tracking, customers are given the option to purchase and / or learn more about migration packages, upgraded digital Tech Support and phone Tech Support. For more information, visit our Service Upgrades and Free Bonus Software page.

  • Complete, Online System Training
  • Open Disposition Import or Historical Transactions Import
  • ATF Compliance Services and Data Migration Consultations
  • Historical Bound Book Data Review
  • Master Data Import
  • Complete Conversion Project Management and Implementation

What About Training?

Whatever your need, we have a software training solution for you! We provide training via a variety of methods depending upon your need and the complexity of your environment with multiple formats available for your use.

1. All Orchid Advisors’ portal software applications have step-by-step, graphic user manuals available for download within the site.
2. There’s a Quick-Start video tutorial to walk you through key features of the application and setup.
3. All eBound Book users are given free access to our training site, with more than 30 training modules, Quick Start Guide, video, and more.
4. Embedded within our portal – alongside various applications – you’ll find online training videos related to the specific transactions! That’s unique and not offered by other software providers.
5. If you choose, during your system deployment, we’ll walk you through the application to ensure you know all of its key features and how to execute them in your environment.
6. Optional, on-site training is offered for those who want a hands-on experience.

Enjoy 6 of Over 100 Sample Online Training Videos
Available in the FFLBizHub Portal ‘Compliance Tools & Training‘ Package

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