NASGW Wholesaler Compliance Program

A cooperative program that combines firearm compliance services, education, technology and expertise to help your business optimize its Federal Firearms License.

Not a wholesaler?  Retailers who buy inventory from NASGW wholesaler members are eligible for a 10% discount on Electronic Bound Book and e4473 Technology. Contact Us to learn more.

In May of 2016, Orchid Advisors and NASGW launched a program for NASGW Wholesale and Associate members. That program included a number of benefits including access to the first of its kind, State Firearms Research Database, compliance guides, online video education and more.

Enrollment in the NASGW Compliance Program is at an all-time high with over 65% of NASGW members taking advantage of these offerings. For the coming year, we’ve established a new goal, to achieve 80% enrollment in this free benefit and have been busy at work to make that happen. To join, simply fill out the form below. Enrollment is your acknowledgement and acceptance of our program terms of use.

About the NASGW

The National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers is comprised of wholesalers, manufacturers, independent sales reps, media and service providers – both national and international – all of whom are primarily focused on shooting sports equipment and accessories. As a trade association representing the business interests of its members, NASGW’s mission is to bring shooting sports buyers and sellers together. For more information about the NASGW, visit the association’s website at

About Orchid Advisors

Orchid Advisors helps firearms manufacturers, distributors and retailers achieve compliance and operational excellence through education, technology, software and consulting solutions that reduce risk, cut costs, and provide expert guidance to make our clients’ businesses more successful and efficient. Orchid Advisors is The Trusted Firearms Industry Compliance & Operations Experts and endorsed by NSSF, the National Shooting Sports Association. For more information, visit the firm’s website at

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