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Mid-to-Large Retail, Pawnshop, Distributor Bundle


Who should purchase this bundle?

Right for… This bundle is designed to meet the annual compliance requirements of a mid-size to large retailer, pawnshop, or distributor dealing in firearms and operating from one or more locations. Price quoted is based on one location, with one FFL and one POS or ERP system. (Additional environments / FFLs can be added at a discounted rate.)
A&D Volume Greater than 5,000 records/year


This bundle includes the following products and services 

FFL / SOT Compliance
  • Orchid Advisors’ proprietary ATF compliance policies and procedures. A full set of standard policies and procedures that covers essential policies and procedures for a manufacturer to stay in compliance with ATF regulations. (Customization not included.)
  • Orchid Advisors’ proprietary FFL Maintenance Checklist.
  • Orchid Advisors’ proprietary SOT Maintenance Checklist.
  • Orchid Advisor’s proprietary A&D Tips & Tricks Sheet.
  • Orchid Advisor’s publication, “Mastering Retail Firearm Transactions.”
  • 2 hours access annually to Orchid Advisors’ industry and regulatory experts for as-needed advice and consultation.
  • Publications may be substituted for an additional 4 hours of on-call advisory time.
  • Annual 2.5 day, Orchid Advisors “Mock ATF Inspection.” The Orchid Advisors Mock ATF Inspection is like no other assessment of your readiness for an ATF inspection that is available to the industry today. Combining Orchid’s deep knowledge of ATF regulations with audit methodology and data analytics employed by the largest management consulting firms, the Orchid Advisors “Mock ATF Inspection” will identify weaknesses in your ATF policies, procedures, controls and compliance performance. Inspection includes 1 person on-site for 2 days and 1/2 day for round trip travel and reporting; client pays for out-of-pocket travel expenses; must be scheduled at least one month in advance.
  • Annual digital analysis of your company’s acquisition and disposition records (A&D Book). (Information must be provided in required format).
Technology 3-month introductory subscription to the NEW online ATF compliance service offered by Epicor Software Corporation and co-developed by Epicor and Orchid. Learn more here.
Additional Services 10% Discount on Orchid Advisors consulting services delivered during two-year contract period.
Commitment Client is required to sign two-year contract. Orchid’s standard terms apply.
Price Option A: $9,999 per year (A $15,000 value)
Option B: 2nd year Mock Inspection may be excluded
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Services available at additional price:

  • Export-Import Assessment
  • Process / Systems Controls Assessment
  • ATF Variance Review
  • ATF Inspection Liaison and Inspection Prep
  • POS-WMS-ERP Implementation
  • Compliance Remediation