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Dealer or SOT Start-Up Bundle


Who should purchase this bundle?

Right for… This bundle includes the tools you need to get started as a dealer in firearms, including NFA firearms.
Price quoted is based on one location, with one FFL and one POS system. (Additional environments / FFLs can be added at a discounted rate.)
A&D Volume Less than 5,000 records/year


This bundle includes the following products and services

FFL / SOT Compliance
  • Orchid Advisors’ proprietary ATF compliance policies and procedures. A full set of standard policies and procedures that covers essential policies and procedures for a manufacturer to stay in compliance with ATF regulations. (Customization not included.)
  • Orchid Advisors’ proprietary FFL Maintenance Checklist.
  • Orchid Advisors’ proprietary SOT Maintenance Checklist.
  • Orchid Advisor’s proprietary A&D Tips & Tricks Sheet.
  • Orchid Advisors’ publication, “Understanding Retail Firearm Transactions”
  • 3-month introductory subscription to the NEW online ATF compliance service offered by Epicor Software Corporation and co-developed by Epicor and Orchid. Learn more here.
Commitment Client is required to sign two-year contract. Orchid’s standard terms apply.
Price No Commitment
A $400 value!
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