FFL Business Disaster Tracking Tool

During the course of a natural disaster, businesses of all types face challenges. The considerations contained within this document, although not exhaustive, highlight areas of consideration specific to Federal Firearm Licensees (FFLs).

First and foremost, businesses facing disaster should follow Federal, State, and local authority’s guidance and safety recommendations. The safety of not only business employees, but first responders in the area post disaster should always be your first priority.

The FFL Business Disaster Tracking Tool is provided as part of a three-document series for before, during, and after a disaster. This document highlights considerations for FFL businesses during a disaster; per ATF Publication 3317.7, it is recommended all FFLs have a Disaster Preparedness Plan.

It is suggested any FFL affected by natural disaster stay abreast of any ATF issued guidance.  To sign up to receive all ATF news and updates, visit www.ATF.gov.

Let us know if you want a free copy of the Disaster Preparedness Worksheet!