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We Specialize in Manufacturing / Distribution ERP and Retail Firearm POS Software 
Integrate eCommerce, Laser / Serialization, Electronic Bound Books, NFA and e4473 Forms
Orchid “Accelerators” Significantly Cut POS / ERP Costs, Increase Efficiency and Drive Repeatable ATF Compliance
Trusted by the Largest FFL / SOTs in the US, but Priced Affordably For All
We Make Firearm Technology Simple to Use and Easy to Understand

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We’re Experts In Most Major ERP / POS


Most ERP and POS systems advertise their “Serialization” capabilities – which in fact – has only a small part to do with your firearm industry business requirements. These serialization capabilities permit the assignment of a firearm/component serial number to an item in inventory. However, they don’t address the following requirements which are available through expert software providers or customized to each FFLs needs:

  • Item master that reflects that regulated characteristics of the firearm
  • Integration with Electronic Bound Books or e4473
  • Registration or transfer of NFA firearms with an electronic Form 2, 3, 4, 5, or 9
  • Reservation and application of firearm serial numbers during a laser marking process
  • ATF 2010-1 loans to employees and/or “financial” loans to 3rd party writers
  • Gunsmithing, assembly or state regulatory requirements

We solve that problem!

Functional Experts For Turnkey and Custom ERP / POS


Our Pledge To FFL and SOT Owners

We’ll Get You There Faster, Cheaper and With Less Risk

We’re Firearm Manufacturing Software Experts

We guarantee that Orchid’s POS / ERP Accelerators will save you time and money. Don’t lose time with “trial and error” – there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. We’ve found that most business processes in our industry fall within a narrow span of deviation – learn from those who’ve already established and proven best practices.

We’re Firearm Retail and eCommerce Software Experts

Upgrading POS systems while operating a regulated firearms dealer is not an easy feat. There’s much to consider including:

  • How will I migrate ATF data and should I get a new FFL?
  • What do I do with in-process 4473?
  • How will I continue to measure Multiple Sales after changing systems?
  • Will my new system integrate with an Electronic Bound Book or ATF eForms?

We’ve evaluated or integrated numerous Retail POS and ATF Software applications. One of our customers have over 400 retail stores using retail ATF software designed by the firm.  Upgrading software can save you time, money and FFL / SOT license risk – we’ll help you get there with fewer worries and in less time.

Our Firearm Industry POS and ERP Services

  • Software assessment, selection or improvement
  • Strategy for evaluating POS / ERP to Electronic Bound Book or eForms integration (vs standalone)
  • Process design and functional specifications
  • Project management and project risk management
  • Data migration and functional / integration testing

How Do We Engage Orchid?

It all starts with a simple email or a phone call. During our first no-cost discussion we will understand your timeline and business objectives and recommend next steps.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our technology solutions begin with an Electronic Bound Books with Integrated e4473 and ATF e4473 starting at $25 month and span to custom ERP and POS software installations for companies of all sizes.  We price our services for every budget and there is no set cost. We don’t believe in price gauging and would prefer to work with you, as your partner, than not. We understand that the firearms industry has many different sized companies and we aspire to continue serving all of you. Don’t hesitate to ask us about pricing or mention your pricing thresholds.