ITAR and Export Licensing for the Aerospace & Defense Industry

Orchid Advisors, The Firearm Industry’s Trusted Compliance and Operations Experts, has expanded its industry-leading export compliance practice to suppliers to the Aerospace and Defense industry.

Truth is . . . we’ve been providing export compliance services to Aerospace and Defense suppliers all along, but to date they all happen to make firearm components, too.

Now, you don’t need to make firearm parts to access the great services and practical, cost-effective solutions — including our unique fixed-fee Managed Export Services program – that Orchid Advisors offers to manufacturers of ITAR-controlled firearm components. And the good news is, we already work with lots of businesses like yours.

These are the export compliance services we provide to Aerospace and Defense component manufacturers:

  • Assess company export compliance and technology control programs
  • Advise on compliance with customer technology control requirements
  • Build and enhance export compliance programs based on proprietary Standard Operating Procedures and forms
  • Train employees in ITAR and EAR regulations and company compliance procedures
  • Create licensing strategies for conducting multinational product design, development and manufacturing programs
  • Prepare Manufacturing License Agreements (MLAs) and Technical Assistance Agreements (TAAs) and advise clients on compliance with customer MLAs and TAAs
  • Design and implement project-specific export compliance programs to support MLAs, TAAs and other multinational collaborations involving controlled goods, services or technology
  • Prepare all types of ITAR and EAR export licenses
  • Advise regarding foreign national employees
  • Advise regarding special logistics considerations applicable to controlled products

How Do We Engage Orchid?

It all starts with a simple email or a phone call. During our first no-cost discussion we will understand your timeline and business objectives and recommend next steps.

Our ITAR / EAR services pricing varies, however, we price our services for every budget and there is no set cost. We don’t believe in price gauging and would prefer to work with you, as your partner, than not. We understand that the firearms and ammunition industry has many different sized companies and we aspire to continue serving all of you. Don’t hesitate to ask us about pricing or mention your pricing thresholds.