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OA/ NASGW State Firearms Research App
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1500 State and Local Firearm Regulations
Firearm “Features” That Determine State Legality
Orchid Advisors’ State Gun Laws Application
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How Can Orchid Advisors Help Me Comply With State Firearm Regulations?

We offer two services that simplify your ability to comply with state firearm regulations:

  • The Orchid Advisors-NASGW State Firearms Research App: A web-based “point and click” research tool utilizing a firearm’s descriptive “features”; Or,
  • Orchid Advisors’ NEW eState Restrictions App: An API Software solution that will feed restrictions directly to your eComm, POS and ERP systems.

Solution #1 – The Orchid Advisors-NASGW State Firearms Research App

Federal Regulations require that Firearm Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers and Pawn Shops follow both the federal firearm laws and state firearm laws, ordinances and regulations. However, locating, understanding and tracking changes to the laws across all 50 states can seem nearly impossible. Not anymore!

Orchid Advisors and NASGW have partnered to develop the industry’s only State Firearms Research App to consolidate pertinent state regulations and to provide you with updates as the regulations change. Get immediate results to questions like:

  • What laws affect selling a large capacity magazine in Colorado?
  • What laws affect selling pistols in Massachusetts?

No one has the time to scour state legislative websites looking for the specific part/sub-part of the regulation that pertains to each specific scenario affecting your business.  Frankly, once you do find the regulation, can you be certain you or members of your team have the expertise to ensure the regulation is read, compiled, tracked and understood?

We’ve got it covered – The State Firearm Restriction App solves that problem.  The App covers the Manufacture, Sale, Possession, Transfer and other activities for firearms in all 50 states.

It’s simple to use – From any web browser, on your computer, tablet or phone – select the jurisdiction – then select the product in question and all of the pertinent attributes of that product.  Click Submit and get an instant response:

Compliant? Yes or No. Want to know the source regulation? We provide that as well.

Problem Solved.

Solution #2 – Orchid Advisors NEW eState Restrictions Application

If you are like most of our clients, you are too busy to even take the time to “point and click” to determine whether a firearm transfer meets both the regulations of the state in which your business resides and with the regulations of the state in which your customer resides.  We have solved your problem!  Orchid Advisors’ new eState Restrictions App integrates into your eComm, POS, Sales Order and overall ERP systems and will return an answer to you and your team in a matter of seconds.

Get an immediate response to questions such as:

  • Can an Illinois resident by a long gun from my FFL in Ohio?
  • Can I transfer an MSR to a Maryland resident over the counter in Louisiana?
  • Can I transfer if my customer’s state or county of residence requires a waiting period and my state does not?

At the UPC level, every firearm in our database and the “features” that determine the legality of transfer by state are checked instantaneously giving your sales team the real time information they need to simplify the complex state regulations and to help your FFL comply before a violation occurs.  Never transfer a firearm on “we thought it was ok” again.  Empower your team to make the right decisions everyday on every transaction with Orchid Advisors’ eState Restrictions App.

Problem Solved.

What Determines State Firearm Legality By State?

Broadly speaking, there are four “logic gates” found in the pending and enacted statutes of the 50 U.S. states. Absent those logic gates, the determination of legality by firearm type, by state, by feature and by name presents a challenge – tens of thousands of potential combinations.

However, these four logic gates help pair down the legal restriction quickly; weeding out those firearms that have little to no state restrictions so that the balance can be evaluated. For example, pistols and revolvers sold into in California immediately fall out of our analysis, eliminating the need for a features test.  That’s because states like this specifically list permissible firearm sales – within the pistol and revolver class – on a public Roster.

While other factors need to be addressed for Curios & Relics, NFA products (including short barreled rifles and suppressors, for example), ammunition and other products, the following applies to the GCA categories of firearms that include: pistol, revolver, rifle and shotgun.

Benefits of Working with Orchid Advisors

Staffed with former ATF, firearm attorneys and former FFL executives like you, we’ve faced the same challenges you face today when determining whether or not a transfer meets all of the Federal and State Regulations.  At your gun counters, in your distribution facility or leaving the manufacturing facility directly to an FFL in different state.  Regardless of how you engage in interstate firearm’s business the laws, ordinances and regulations in all 50 states and 6 U.S. Territories apply to you and we have created the most efficient and simplistic applications available in the industry today. You’ve clearly come to the right place! Our goal is to make every transaction as simple, cost effective and low risk for you as possible.

However, when helping our clients we find that a little background information is helpful. Please read the following so that you have a better sense for what you need. When you call or write, we’ll be able to walk you through this in greater detail so that you are armed with as much information as possible!


Every transaction, every transfer of a firearm you make as an FFL directly impacts your ability to make the next sale. Compliance isn't an option, it's a requirement. Our low cost - high reward applications help you meet this requirement!


The time it takes to research transactional requirements used to take hours or days. Not anymore, we have reduced that time to minutes and even seconds!


We provide instant access to over 1,500 state firearms regulations that impact the sale of over 15,000 firearm SKUs. Ensure every transaction and transfer you make is within the regulations.

How Do We Engage Orchid?

It all starts by clicking the link below and with a simple email or a phone call. During our first no-cost discussion we will understand your timeline, business objectives and determine which solution best fits your needs.