Five Steps For Immediate ATF Compliance

Running a firearms business is no joke. You’re serializing aluminum frames, shipping 80% receivers, importing firearms and selling to consumers through a retail Point of Sale system. Training your employees to learn the regulations and repeatedly fill our ATF Form 4473 or NFA forms accurately is a challenge. That’s why we’ve created a simple, Five Step ATF Compliance Program.

Lower the risk of FFL or SOT revocation
Focus on running your FFL with confidence
Improve ATF inspections and reduce violations
Control firearm inventory
Lower insurance premiums


ATF Record Violations Eliminated

25% Increase

e4473 Processing Speed

95% Improvement

Bound Book Accuracy

25% Reduction

Defensive Legal Fees

Can’t Afford to Dedicate an Employee to ATF Compliance?

Our “fractional ownership” programs provide you with a former
FFL compliance executives for 25% the cost of an in-house employee!
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We Help All FFL & SOT Types
Startups, Established FFLs or Industry Giants

The Orchid Five Step ATF Compliance program

1. We Help You Apply For and Maintain FFL, SOT and State Firearm Licenses

The first step is to apply for licenses and properly maintain them. At a minimum you will need one of nine-types of Federal Firearms Licenses and, if you plan on doing business with NFA firearms (e.g., Suppressors), you’ll also need a Class 1, 2 or 3 SOT. When it comes to licenses its important that you:

  • Apply for the proper license
  • Post them where needed
  • Maintain those of your trading partners
  • And know how to close / move licenses or even take advantage of off-site firearm warehouses.

2. We Create Your ATF Policy and Operating Procedures

Already licensed? Good, then its time to establish basic ground rules that create repeatable ATF compliance. Not only are these useful for guiding your employees, but they provide a legal defense when employees run astray.

    • We have over 20 Standard Operating Procedures and Policies focused on firearm manufacturing, retail transfers, NFA form filing, ATF variances, Bound Book management and more.
    • We’ll customize them to your business so that you don’t spend too much on over controlling your transactions, and not too little to permit ATF inspection violations.
    • Last but not least, we’ll show you how and where to store and maintain your ATF compliance policies and how employees should engage from day 1.

3. Train Employees on ATF and State Regulations

Need to know how to complete a 4473? With your FFL “rules” now documented in Policies and SOPs, we customize our in-person training to orient the business. And, we leave you behind with the industry’s largest online learning – Orchid FFL University™.

    • Over 110 courses on firearm dealing, manufacturing, importing and exporting.
    • Perfect for on-boarding new retail firearm clerks or manufacturing operations.
    • When the regulations change – the training is updated and sent out – you don’t pay for travel expenses and static, one-time learning is a thing of the past.

4. Implement Bound Book, e4473 and NFA eForms

Paper bound books and paper 4473 forms are a thing of the past. If you want to speed your time at the register or make more guns in assembly, then software is the way to go.

    • Starts at $10 / mo
    • Electronic Bound Book, e4473, and NFA eForms
    • Control serialized inventory and reconcile to your stock
    • Use digital “guard rails” to keep employees compliant while you run the business.

5. Execute and Audit ATF Transactions and Forms

Wondering if your employees are accurately populating the Bound Book? Don’t let your first “check-up” be when the ATF arrives. Did you know that you can legally correct records that would otherwise result in violations?

    • Simple self-check audit forms
    • Online inventory to Bound Book reconciliation
    • Identify and eliminate A&D book data errors
    • Complete our ATF Inspection Prep Checklist!

Benefits of Working With Orchid Advisors

Orchid Advisors is staffed with former ATF, firearm attorneys and former FFL executives like you to assist in preparing for your next ATF Inspection. Do not allow your livelihood to be at risk due to not knowing or understanding your level of compliance risk. Remove the stress the inevitable ATF inspection brings by allowing Orchid Advisors to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to run a best in class compliant FFL.

How Do We Engage Orchid?

It all starts with a simple email or a phone call. During our first no-cost discussion we will understand your timeline and business objectives and recommend next steps.

Our Mock Inspection service pricing varies, however, we price our services for every budget and there is no set cost. We don’t believe in price gauging and would prefer to work with you, as your partner, than not. We understand that the firearms industry has many different sized companies and we aspire to continue serving all of you. Don’t hesitate to ask us about pricing or mention your pricing thresholds.