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80% Lowers Now 100% Protected with Orchid Pay Merchant Processing

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March 13, 2023


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HARTFORD, CT (March 14, 2023) – A premier online firearms component retailer, 80% Lowers is now accepting ecommerce payments using firearm-friendly Orchid Pay™ merchant processing. Owned and operated by veterans, hunters and firearm enthusiasts, the ecommerce retailer provides gun owners with the tools they need to build, maintain and clean their firearms at 80-lower.com.             

“We don’t just sell gun parts; we grant access to the Constitution’s most important right – the inalienable right to keep and bear arms,” said 80% Lowers President Chad Myers. “Switching our ecommerce payment processor to Orchid Pay™ not only saved us substantial money in credit card fees, but also freed us from anti-gun establishment and empowered us to stay true to our mission of protecting the Second Amendment for all who wish to take advantage of it.”

Orchid Pay™ offers online and in-store payment processing for firearm manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and ecommerce businesses. With low interchange-plus rates, Orchid Pay™ enables FFLs to keep more of what they earn to reinvest back into their business and pass savings onto customers. Combined with next-day funding and versatile swipe, dip, tap, and contactless payment card devices, Orchid Pay™ is a leading merchant solution for all firearm operations. 

“Payment processing is one of the biggest expenses and risks businesses in our industry face,” said Shaun Phelan, Orchid VP of Sales & Implementation. “If your business engages in activities prohibited by a merchant processor, it’s not a matter of if services will be dropped, but when. Orchid Pay eliminates that risk while increasing revenue by helping FFLs avoid anti-gun financial providers and their unchecked processing fees.”

Uniquely dedicated to firearms, Orchid Pay™ is widely adopted across the industry, with protection enjoyed by every Orchid POS™ and eCommerce merchant, as well as major players such as SilencerCo, Taurus and 4473 Cloud. To join others in making the switch to firearm-friendly payment processing, contact Orchid for a free cost savings analysis at orchidadvisors.com/pay.

Industry members are also encouraged to attend the 2023 Firearms Industry Conference (FIC) for expert-led financial education sessions impacting FFLs, including merchant processing fees, FAET, and mergers and acquisitions. Organized by Orchid and Williams Mullen’s Firearms Industry Group, FIC 2023 will be held virtually April 27-28 and in Atlanta, May 1-3, 2023.

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Celebrating 10 years of serving the shooting sports industry, Orchid offers a one-stop shop for leading FFL software, firearms-friendly payment processing, and legal and regulatory services for the firearm, ammunition and explosive industries. Orchid’s POS, ecommerce, and regulatory applications, including Orchid eBound, Orchid FEL Book, and Orchid eState, accompany its expert services in ERP integration, firearm/explosive regulation, export control laws, and Firearm & Ammunition Excise Tax advisory. Get started with Orchid at orchidadvisors.com.

About 80% Lowers
80% Lowers is an American-owned small business proudly operated by hunters, veterans, competition shooters, and people who are passionate about the Second Amendment. They’ve worked hard for many years to provide their customers with all they need to exercise their rights: quality parts to build their own firearms, precision optics and accessories to use and upgrade their firearms, and the gunsmithing tools and cleaners needed to maintain their firearms. Build your next rifle or pistol the right way – with quality parts at the right price, shipped fast. Start at 80-lower.com.

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