5 Reasons Why You Should Be At Firearms Industry Compliance Conference 2016


The third annual Firearms Industry Compliance Conference (FICC) is coming up—will you be there?

FICC focuses on collaborative discussion among legal, compliance, operations, and technology personnel and professionals. This year’s conference will be held May 2-4 at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, Georgia.

If you’re still thinking about whether or not you should attend, here are five good reasons why you should make the trip to Atlanta this May.

1. In-Person Access to ATF and FBI / NICS

The FICC provides unique access to ATF and NICS leadership who will be hosting four sessions on selected firearms industry compliance topics. Unique to this year’s conference will be a session delivered by ATF leadership on the context behind the regulations and how record keeping and inspections play an important role. In addition, ATF is making themselves available for private sessions on Wednesday between 8 and 11am. Interested FFLs should sign up now by contacting John Badowski at John.B.Badowski@usdoj.gov. Space is limited.

2. Explore New Industry Technologies

Achieving compliance in a high volume manufacturing, distribution or retail environment requires technology. The FICC’s learning sessions are designed to integrate technology, operations and compliance concepts used by industry leaders. Topics range from best-in-class laser and barcode scanning technology, serial number control to modern electronic ERP / PO systems and Bound Book / A&D Book software. And, an optional 3-hour workshop on firearms industry technology will be held on the afternoon of May 2nd.

3. Stay Up-to-Speed

FICC brings together all segments of the industry for open conversations on new laws, regulations, and of course, ATF compliance. Maintaining your FFL is an important part of your business, and understanding how compliance and regulations will be impacted in the coming year can help you stay up-to-speed and safeguard your FFL.

4. Meet and Learn from Industry Leaders

Who better to learn the tricks of the trade from than industry leaders? FICC is a great place to meet industry experts and learn more about the industry as they see it. Creating relationships across the firearms community is a great opportunity for up-and-coming businesses and established companies.

5. It’s a Conference of How-To’s

Because compliance is such an important part of what you do every day, knowing exactly how to thread the legal regulations and compliance into your business can take you a long way. FICC’s main purpose is to bridge the gap between everyday operations and compliance. With over 20 breakout sessions, attendees can join in on important discussions that practically educate how to properly and effectively integrate compliance into operations. Here are just a few examples of the many how-to’s attendees will learn:

  • How to Choose and Implement an Electronic A&D Package
  • How to manage trade compliance for business growth
  • How to Improve My 4473 and Multiple Sales Form Accuracy and Reduce Transfer Risk
  • How to Improve My ATF Inspection Performance

This year’s conference is one you won’t want to miss. Register for your spot at the 2016 Firearms Industry Compliance Conference today!

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