Process Re-Engineering

Value Stream Mapping
Let Orchid’s team of experts create value stream mappings to identify the current processes within your organization through which information and materials flow to increase efficiencies and reduce cost. Value stream mapping will help you identify and correct:

  • System bottlenecks
  • Duplication of efforts
  • Wasted time and capital
  • Opportunities for growth and expansion
  • Remediation recommendations

Sales & Operations Planning

The alignment of sales and operations (S&OP), supported by effectively deployed technology is the key to growth, profitability and innovation. Lack of alignment leads to lost opportunities, stagnant growth and failure to capitalize on opportunities. Even worse, internal cohesion suffers and effort is wasted while your competition moves forward. Innovation needs aligned S&OP as fertile ground to keep you growing, profitable, prosperous and ahead, not behind the competition. All of this impacts profitability today and into the future.

Orchid Advisors is staffed with industry leading, seasoned, real world executives who can review, analyze, diagnose, recommend and implement changes to your S&OP process. We consult. We advise. We implement what we recommend. We can even augment your existing staff, quickly and effectively if needed to make the changes you need to grow and sustain your business. Working with the Orchid team you get the right amount of proven resources at the right time so that you can:

  • Stream line internal efforts & reduce waste
  • Improve your order to cash cycle
  • Deliver more products, on time
  • Use real world data to drive decision making & innovation

Optimize Manufacturing or Fulfillment

Challenged to transform your organization? Orchid is your trusted Strategy and Operations resource!

In today’s fast changing world, an at hand “in-sourced” professional support for Strategy and Operations transformation can be the critical missing component. Orchid Advisors provides short to long-term executive and management transformation services in the critical areas of strategy, operations, project management, new product introduction and other key corporate functions. We effectively and intelligently augment or become your internal resources, thereby giving you a professional capability and resource, immediately, without adding expensive permanent staff.

We are seasoned real world professionals who not only know what “it” looks like, we have a track record of accomplishment. It is our business acumen, our experience, our accountability that will transform your organization and your team. We are seasoned professionals with direct, real world experience. We are passionate about the firearms industry, but even more passionate about winning and success.

We are the industry’s trusted advisors to:

  • Provide immediate, professional read to go executive management – on demand
  • Provide professional support capabilities, fully mobilized in the right amount, without adding expensive permanent staff and overhead
  • Impart critical skills from inside and outside the industry including:

World Class Manufacturing and Operations Methods and Management leading to:

  • Increased throughput
  • On time shipping
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased sales
  • Quality Function Deployment
  • ERP System Deployment and full integration with all operational and compliance functions
  • New Product Introduction
  • Financial relationship management credit facility

Because of our unique seamless ability to merge facilitation, planning, experience and execution we are not your typical consultants in that we implement what we recommend. This proven formula adds breadth, depth and accountability to plans and actions that lead to your success.

Automate Stocking Levels and Re-Order

Your internal systems when optimized drive turns, profits, minimize inventory investment and assist you with maximizing your Gross Margin. What you stock and more importantly when you stock product can have great impact on your bottom line. Carrying product from season to season or year over year ties up valuable open to buy cash flow and cost your business countless sales when the products your customers want are on your shelves.

  • Expand or reduce your SKU assortment to meet customer needs
  • Optimize Special Order requests – Buyer notification of consistencies in customer demand
  • SKU optimization and product exit strategies up to and including product liquidation channels can help you minimize poor purchase decisions
  • Instantaneous Supplier Inventory provides you with real time access to the products your customers want
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