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How to Pass an ATF Inspection

Prepare for ATF Inspections

Receiving a phone call informing you ATF is headed your way for an inspection, or, even more drastic, being informed ATF is on your premises for an inspection at this moment can be a stressful event whether you are a small dealer or a multimillion dollar manufacturer.  After all, your livelihood and that of your employees is at stake.  Orchid Advisors have assisted the smallest and largest FFLs in the country with numerous ATF inspections.  Orchid has:

  • Provided inventory technology to enable FFLs to conduct their own inventories swiftly with pre-packaged reports to aid in rectifying any discrepancies encountered
  • Acted as a liaison during ATF inspections to bridge the gap between an FFL’s business practices and the regulations to help mitigate citations
  • Performed mock inspections for all types and sizes of FFLs, identifying records errors, A&D Book gaps, and process deficiencies allowing an FFL to change procedures and correct their records in accordance with ATF Rulings to avoid future violations

Mock ATF Inspections and Serialized Inventory Analysis

Due to the inherent difficulties of self-compliance evaluations, Orchid’s team of experts has developed a thorough system of evaluation that includes not only a review of your overall operational practices and procedures, but a mock ATF inspection.  This in-depth assessment of your readiness for an ATF inspection as well as operational standards allows for a detailed understanding of current and future business risks.  Combining Orchid’s deep knowledge of ATF regulations with audit methodology and data analytics employed by the largest management consulting firms, the Orchid experts will:

  • Identify weaknesses in your ATF policies, procedures, controls and compliance performance
  • Digitally analyze your company’s acquisition and disposition records
  • Provide a scorecard of readiness and risk

Digital A&D Book Inspections

Accurate and complete A&D Records are the cornerstone to a successful compliance program.  However, assuring your data is on point often requires FFLs tediously review records manually, accounting for hours of labor and human capital expenditures.  Due to the human nature of the review, errors can be overlooked or misunderstood, leading to potential violations.   Further, the root cause of errors can be elusive, resulting in continued mistakes.  With more than 65 million A&D entry reviews and counting, Orchid Advisors is the only firm able to offer a digital A&D review processes.  Offered onsite or remotely, all required data points for your A&D book will be digitally reviewed, resulting in:

  • Immediate identification of potential data errors
  • Root cause review and suggested remediations
  • Cleansed, corrected data to make necessary corrections
  • Dramatically reduced human capital investment
  • Consistent, accurate data points
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