Small Dealers and Pawn Shops

As a Type 01 or 02 Federal Firearms Licensee, your primary concern is running your business, pursuing your hobby and being able to sleep at night without worrying about compliance.

But today’s regulatory environment is getting complex. While Federal Firearms Regulations remain relatively constant, State Firearms Regulations seem to change every few months. Combine that with the complexity of managing ATF Form 4473, NICS Inquiries, Multiple Sales Forms, avoiding Straw Purchases and making sure you record properly in your paper or electronic Bound Book (or A&D Book).

Orchid Advisors’ suite of electronic Acquisition & Disposition tools, firearms and ATF compliance training and dealer inspection services — created specifically with the retailer/dealer/pawn shop in mind— helps you minimize ATF violations before they happen, saving you less hassle down the road while making your business run more efficiently.

You could hire legal insurance, but why not put your ATF compliance
fears to rest for less money and time?

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