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ATF and Export / ITAR Compliance Programs

Implement ITAR and Global Trade Policies and Procedures

ITAR compliance can be tricky. Training is important but not enough to prevent inadvertent ITAR violations. The U.S. State Department encourages all DDTC registrants to have a written export compliance program.

Orchid Advisors uses propriety standard operating procedures (SOPs) designed for the firearms and ammunition industry to create great export compliance programs for its clients. Key features include:

  • We provide customized SOPs based on Orchid templates that impose controls on the leading areas for ITAR violations – licensing, technology control and international sales methodology
  • We show our clients how to implement export compliance procedures so Orchid SOPs become part of the fabric of your company’s daily life
  • Turnkey solutions available – we can build your export compliance program from scratch or help improve your existing program

Implement ATF / State Policies and Procedures

Sound business Standard Operating Procedures that promote employee effectiveness and efficiencies, while maintaining a best in class standard of regulatory compliance, is a key to your firearm’s business sustainability and growth.  Operating a successful business in a highly regulated environment can be a challenge.

  • Having Standard Operating procedures that drive downstream compliance provide your teams with a daily game plan to meet your expectations
  • Every action made in your facility with regard to firearms and ammunition can have regulatory impact – your SOPs should address not only Federal Regulations but also all State Regulations for the state your facility is located as well as any state your end consumers reside as well.
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Simplify and Train Staff 

Your staff and employees make decisions every day that determine your business’s compliance health.  Providing your staff with best in class compliance training gives them the knowledge to make the best possible business decisions every day in your facility.  Training your staff with the only On-Line Learning Management System endorsed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation is just a click away.

  • 100% on-line training with over 80 videos and models designed for the most novice to the most tenured employees
  • Corporate/Ownership tracking of employee progress and retraining on an easy to decipher dashboard helps you understand just how well your staff is educated or re-educated as needed
  • Filled with tests and quizzes to ensure the trainee is not only absorbing the information but are retaining it and able to put it to good use in their role within your organization
  • NFA, GCA, Import and Export Compliance courses are available and you can choose to use them all or only those that meet your business’ needs

Train Staff in ITAR (Import/Export) Regulations

Export compliance training is a critical part of every compliance program. Orchid Advisors provides on-site and remotely delivered compliance training that is configured for our clients’ businesses. We believe that training employees in their company’s compliance policies and procedures is as important as understanding the regulations and licensing procedures. We will:

  • Provide training for senior management that tells them how to project the right “tone from the top” of the organization and where to devote compliance resources
  • Train supervisors, managers and other salaried employees in the basics of export compliance so they understand where their responsibilities connect with the compliance program and how the company’s compliance procedures operate
  • Deliver a customized presentation that the company export compliance manager can use to train hourly employees in what they need to know about export regulations

Reconcile Your NFA NFRTR

According to 26 U.S.C § 5841, the NFRTR is:

the central registry of all NFA firearms in the U.S. which are not in the possession or under the control of the U.S. Government. The registry includes (1) the identification of the firearm, (2) date of registration, and (3) identification and address of the person entitled to possession of the firearm (the person to whom the firearm is registered).”

The NFRTR is a data table (or “central registry” as referenced in the above statute) which contains information about the possessor, transferees and the NFA device itself.  It is populated by ATF personnel upon submission of an NFA related e-Form or a paper-based Form 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10 or 5320.20.  Join industry-leading companies with an Orchid audit and complete reconciliation of your official NFRTR  against your A&D book, on-hand inventories, and submitted NFA forms.

  • Find and correct errors
  • Optimize NFA forms process
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